Sunnyside Environmental School and the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) are working together again this year to ask for a single tax deductible donation to cover the incredibly enriching and engaging programs that your child receives each year at SES.

We realize that economic conditions continue to be hard and many families, organizations, schools and community groups are struggling. Even in these times, we know that one of the things that makes SES special is this: no matter how tough times are, SES is a community that takes care of one another. We hope that all families will give at a level that is meaningful to them and as they are able. Because these donations support supplies and program costs, if we do not raise adequate money, the school may be forced to adjust programming, an outcome that none of us want.

As always, thank you for all you do for SES, for our children, and for your meaningful support. If you have questions or concerns please call Principal Amy Kleiner 503-916-6226. See you back at school! You can also check out our Back to School Request Frequently Asked Questions page for more info.

NOTE: This online form is for making a credit/debit purchase for your entire donation. If you wish to pay by check or make an automatic monthly bank withdrawal, please fill out the form you received (or will receive) in the mail or click on this link to download the appropriate form.

ALSO, this form will allow you to enter one child per grade by selecting the grade below. If you have two children in a single grade, please select the named grade first and select “Another Child in the Same Grade as a child I already entered” for the second child.

Finally, please remember that this form is NOT for classroom/grade specific activities such as overnights and field trips/field studies. Those costs will be determined later in the school year.

Fill out my online form.