Hello families. We had so much fun with Read-A-Thon this year. It was truly a joy to see our students engage so much with this event. Gillian and I were thrilled to see so many students devouring books and getting caught reading. We are very close to our fundraising goal, too! If you have not turned in your pledges, there is still time; we will continue to collect money for some time. Please turn in your pledges to the front office.

Also, I am excited to announce our winners! I will be distributing certificates and prizes at school this week. If you didn’t get your certificate or prize on Tuesday, do not worry; I will be back Thursday to finish distributing everything. If your prize is a certificate for a Powell’s or gift card card of choice, you can redeem it at school at the gift card sales table.

Top Fundraising Class
Class Celebration chosen by teachers and students together. Once the decision is made, I will coordinate with teachers to plan the celebration.

  • Middle School: Indigo
  • Grades 3-5: Levia
  • Grades K-2: Logan

Top Reading Class
Book Legacy Prize: $100 of books for the classroom, chosen by the teacher and students together. Teachers can redeem this certificate at the gift card sales table.

  • Middle School: Indigo
  • Grades 3-5: Heather
  • Grades K-2: Logan

Top Fundraisers

  • First place
    Grades K-2: $100 gift card from Kids at Heart Toys and a $25 gift card from Saint Cupcake
    Naomi Granek Brown
    Grades 3-5: Apple iPad Air 2
    We had a tie! Zola Buhl Smith and Eli Robillard
    Middle School: Apple iPad Air 2
    Finley Taylor
  • Second Place: $75 Powell’s or other gift card
    Grades K-2: Ames O’Neal
    Grades 3-5: Niko Habalar
    Middle School: Ella Kirshbaum
  • Third Place: $50 Powell’s or other gift card
    Grades K-2: Miranda Taylor-Gallagher
    Grades 3-5: Mckenna Coughlin
    Middle School: Emmet Elsom

Top Unit Readers
Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Bookmark

  • Cara’s class: Alder Fife and Margot Kirshbaum
  • Eric’s class: Violet Lothamer and August Ewers
  • Julianne’s class: Rowan Lucky Moon Bell and Oona Fife
  • Kelly’s class: Franchesca Tsiorba and Emmet Holt Dupey
  • Logan’s class: Dylan Van Aalsburg, Eloise de Larguier and Sophie Flynn
  • Marcy’s class: Ames O’Neal and Lee Wozniak
  • Michelle’s class: Cormac Fraee Johnson and Naomi Even
  • Rebecca’s class: Naomi Granek-Brown and Adoniyas O’Connor
  • Aziza’s class: Lane Frazee Johnson and Malcome Cannon
  • Carrie’s class: Haviva Kalenkowitz and Max Dusevoir
  • Deborah’s class: Adelaide Bracewell-Stokes and Henry Nuss
  • Heather’s class: Sheri Cassioli and Connor Dougherty
  • Jeremy’s class: Desmond Huth and Adelaide McNamer
  • Karen Miller’s class: Harper Holliman and Noa McKell
  • Levia’s class: Elele Jorgensen and Jonah Schardt
  • Monica’s class: Taylor Truong and Zola Buhl Smith
  • Asa’s class: Charlotte Long and Chaim Gerber
  • Cori’s class: Jackson Loftus and Ada Hallstrom
  • Heidi’s class: Amelia Dusevoir and Anmol Patel
  • Indigo’s class: Babe Taylor and Isabelle Rusch
  • Karen Shay’s class: Dorian Bracewell-Stokes and Abigael Darr
  • Michael’s class: Erin Dougherty and Jackson Allen
  • Tara’s class: Lucia Weisberg and Ella Kirshbaum

House Cup results

House Cup Winner: Grades 3-5, with 4,832 units recorded.

Grades K-2 came in second with 4,384 units recorded, and Middle School came in third with 3,093 units recorded. Weighing all the beans yielded the same results. These are all amazing numbers. Congratulations to all students! The cup will be updated next week and be displayed at the library until next year’s event!

Once again, thank you, Sunnyside students and families, for such a fun and wonderful fundraiser! If you have any questions or comments about the results, or if you would like to volunteer for next year’s event, please contact me directly at 305-528-7105. Looking forward to doing it all over again next year!

Love and Gratitude,
Yomari Cruz-DeWeese