High school counselors from Franklin (January 31) and Grant (date TBD) are coming to Sunnyside to give a presentation for 8th graders and hand out forecasting information. (Forecasting is the process by which students choose classes.)

Students then bring this information home to share with parents, and parents will need to sign the forecasting sheet before students turn it in to Ashley or Ryan in the Counseling office.

Cleveland High school’s “bridging the gap” program will take place Thursday, February 8 at 7pm for students in the Cleveland neighborhood.

Course choices depend on each student’s current classes, grades and readiness, as well as each high school’s offerings. Cori, Tara and Sarah will advise students on which Spanish and math classes to take. Please contact them directly, if you have questions.

Students will be asked to indicate preferences as far as electives, but will have similar required freshmen courses. Just as with high school presentations, all students will complete the forecasting process with their neighborhood high school, even if they don’t intend to attend that school.

If you have questions or concerns about the high school process, please contact Ashley Bevan.