Hello SES Families,

On behalf of the SES PTSA, I want to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year at Sunnyside
Environmental School. I hope everyone had a great summer and is ready for a fabulous school year.
Welcome all!

Our school is a special and wonderful place for many reasons—our fantastic teachers and staff, our
unique curriculum, our connections to the world beyond our school doors.

You’ll hear this frequently as the year goes on, but it is worth saying—a fundamental reason for the
success of our students and school is you. Us. The parents, families and friends of our school.
Without all of the time, talent, and resources our families share with SES, our school would not be the
place it is and our children could not learn and grow as they do at SES.

We all do what we can for our students and school. The time and financial donations we can each
provide help all our classrooms, all our families, all our kids, thrive.

Your SES PTSA exists to make our school and children as amazing as possible. We do this by focusing
our PTSA activities on:

  • Raising funds to invest in enhanced learning opportunities and support for teachers, classrooms
    and our physical environment.
  • Sponsoring events and volunteer opportunities that promote strong family and community
    involvement in SES.
  • Actively promoting communication between school and families and developing the school

There are many ways to share the best of you with Sunnyside. Volunteering in the classroom, the Library
or PE, helping with Middle School overnights and field studies, being a part of events like Harvest Fair,
donating to the Back to School Ask, buying Gift Cards that benefit SES, collecting Box Tops, eating out
at a Restaurant Night fundraiser—there are many ways to support our school and our children.

I encourage you to do the most you can for SES. Give the most of your time, share your talent and
enthusiasm, and donate resources as you can. That looks different for each of us—but together we can
continue to help SES be the special and wonderful place it is. Join the PTSA! New faces and ideas are
always welcome and we can help you find the perfect place to get involved.

Please put a big circle on Wednesday, September 27 for our first SES PTSA General Meeting, starting
at 6:30 in the school Auditorium. This is a great opportunity to connect with other parents and learn more
about what the coming year has in store for our students. Hope to see you there.

Let’s get to it!

Holly Cook
PTSA President