SES PTSA positions: 2019-2020

PTSA POSITIONS 2018/2019 (red means tbd or open) 

Executive Board (elected)

President—Charity Fain
Vice President—Corby Watkins
Secretary—Jarrett Altman
Treasurer—Rachel Lembo


Board Member At-Large—Becky O’Leary
Board Member At-Large—Holly Cook
Teacher Representative—Eric Fass
Student Representative—Wrigley Cook

Standing Committee Members

Gift Cards—Hope Whitney
Fundraising—Charity Fain
Room Parent Lead—Leticia Leandro
Safety and Resilience—Ingrid Larsson
Membership—Kerrin Birchenough
     Website—Leslie Lothamer
     Facebook—Niki Pozos
Community Kitchen—Chloé Derderian-Gilbert
Volunteer Coordinator—Elizabeth Levi

 Additional positions

Run/Walk—Jarrett Altman
Teacher Appreciation—Margaret FiveCrows, Leonie Allaedine, Corby Watkins, Courtney Yilk
Read-a-Thon— Leslie Lothamer
Restaurant Donation Nights—Emily Bolls
Harvest Fair—Steph Barnhart
Riparian Festival (dinner coordination)—
Auction Lead—Corby Watkins
Wreath and Poinsettia Fundraiser Coordinator—Karen McCleary
Tree recycling coordinator(s)—
Picture day coordinator—Karen McCleary and Holly Cook
SES Westwind Weekend coordinator— Gwen Millius 
MS dance volunteer coordinator—Molly Dougherty
8th grade promotion (7th Grade parent)—Becky O’Leary (+1)
MS Babysitter Coordinator—
MS Service Fundraising Running Events—Jarrett Altman
Directory—Amy Jordens
Lost and Found—Ann Brown
Gratitude—Becky O’Leary
Houseless Lunches (every Wed., one hour at lunch time)—Kelly Campbell
4H Coordinator—

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