RED TBD = Still need to be filled

Executive Board
President — Corby Watkins
Vice President — TBD
Secretary — Charity Fain
Treasurer — Rachael Lembo

Assistant Treasurer — Ashley Ramona Preece
Board Member At-Large — Becky O’Leary
Board Member At-Large — Holly Cook
Teacher Representative — Eric Fass
Student Representative — TBD

Standing Committee Members
Fundraising — Charity Fain
Room Parents — Leonie Alaeddine
Safety and Resilience — Ingrid Larsson
Membership —  TBD
Website — Leslie Lothamer
Facebook — Niki Pozos
Community Kitchen — Chloé Derderian-Gilbert
Volunteer Coordinator — TBD

Additional positions

Run/Walk — TBD
Teacher Appreciation — Margaret FiveCrows, Leonie, Corby, Courtney
Read-a- Thon — Leslie Lothamer
Restaurant Donation Nights —  TBD
Harvest Fair — Steph Barnhart
Auction Lead — Corby Watkins
Wreath and poinsettia fundraiser coordinator — Karen McCleary
Tree recycling coordinator(s) — TBD
Picture day coordinator — Holly Cook
SES Westwind Weekend coordinator — Gwen Millius
MS dance volunteer coordinator — Molly Dougherty
7th grade parent for 8th grade promotion— Becky O’Leary (+1)
MS Service Fundraising Running Events — TBD
Directory — Amy Jordens
Lost and Found — Ann Brown
Gratitude — Becky O’Leary