Kenel Pierre was our amazing Sustainability intern at SES in 2014-15.

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well! Today I have some good news for all of you!

I finally got to buy three acres of land for the farm as a learning center. This land has a lot of opportunities and good fruit trees in it, mangoes, avocados and plantain trees and a very nice river in the back where when people come to visit we can set and have a beer lol. Yesterday I got to use a surveyor to measure it for me and to get the paper that says the land is my land so that was very important to figure out.

This is a report of how I use the money I raised while I was in Portland! Dr. Ernest Kandel is a good friend of mine from Denver, Colorado, and he is the one who holds all my project money in the States. We work everything out together. He and Sarah Taylor helped me decided to get that land. We bought our three acres of land for an amount of $12,000.00! We paid the survey $425 to measure it, and I will have to pay the Haitian government an amount of $500 to get the paper that says this land is Kenel’s land! So I spent $12,925 as a total! This summer I will make a plan to build a fence around it before I start building the teaching space and a house with good shade to keep the tools and the garden, otherwise animals will get onto the garden and eat everything. So it’s very important to build a fence first!

Hope you all enjoy seeing these pictures of land and now I want people help me make a plan for volunteers to come visit and help me get this project started!! Thank you so much for all your help, I am over grateful and thankful for that!! Hope to see some of you sometime!!

Your good friend,