You are all invited to our upcoming student-led conferences. This is a wonderful event, one where your student will guide you through their classroom and showcase their learning with you. Students take the lead on this event by sharing their individual class work, as well as the collective learning of their classroom community. During this event, you can expect to deeply engage with your child as their teacher takes more of an observational role (“conference” literally means you will be conferencing with your student at this time, not their teacher). 

In order to best reflect current, classroom units, we have adapted our calendar and have two, possible dates for this event. Your child’s teacher should have already communicated with families in regard to which date the classroom will be open, and then all students have an early release on Friday, May 11 in exchange for participation in this event. The schedule is as follows:

Student-led conferences on Thursday, April 19, 3:30-6:30 pm (drop in):

  • 3rd grade: Heather, Levia, Jeremy
  • 4th grade: Leo and Daniel
  • Middle School Year of the Forest: Heidi and Tara
  • Middle School Year of the Mountain: Indigo only

Student-led conferences on Wednesday, May 2, 3:30-6:30 pm (drop in):

  • Kindergarten: Marcy, Allye, Logan
  • 1st/2nd grade: Rebecca, Michelle, Corbin, Kelly, Eric
  • 5th grade: Monica, Asa, Karen
  • Middle School Year of the Mountain: Carrie and Michael (not Indigo)
  • Middle School Year of the River: Karen and Cori