Hello Cherished SES Community,

Are you gearing up for the Auction? Yes! We have a stellar group of people working on the auction, so far. And, because the auction was postponed from December, much of the work has already been done. We owe a huge thanks to all who helped with that in the fall, and particularly to SES Foundation president Reeah Davis. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We can use you help.

We have built a Sign-up Genius for you to sign up to help. The early bird gets the worm. Sign up for the good shifts before they are GONE.

Leadership Positions

These jobs are awesome resume boosters! If you can fill any of these positions, please contact Holly Cook at cookholly@gmail.com. They can be filled by you or you can grab a friend and split the job, which is always more fun:

  • Director of Set Up and Clean Up
    Are you interested in leading the set-up/clean-up crew? You would be working directly with the fabulous and fun people who come out to pitch in. Because we are creating the Sign-up Genius, you would just need to—on the day of the event—direct volunteers to, well, set up and clean up. The Director of Set Up and Clean Up (DSC) will work in concert with Jarrett Altman and Corby Watkins, our Directors of Decoration.
  • Director of Volunteers
    This job is super easy! The Director of Volunteers (DV) helps recruit people to fill up the Sign-up Genius. The DV works with all the Auction Directors to make sure they have their volunteer staffing needs filled. This is pretty much taken care of by the aforementioned Sign-up Genius. On the day of the event, the DV works with other Directors to coordinate volunteers, as needed. This job has minimal responsibility on the day of the event.
  • Auction Grand Poobah
    Are you interested in calling all the shots? Can you micro-manage and talk about synergy? Just kidding. But we are still looking for someone (or a couple of someones) who are willing and able to oversee this event. We have 14 co-directors signed up up to take the lead in various areas. BUT: we need someone to check in with them periodically and to support their efforts. Are you this type of munificent being? Will you be the Auction Grand Poobah (AGP)? This position comes with a hat. Contact Holly Cook if you are interested or if you want to learn more.

Auction Items

We are looking for auction items for the silent auction. Reach out to our Donations Director, Charity Fain at charity.fain@gmail.com if you’d like to enjoy the auction on the day of and want to get your volunteering done early:

  • Beat the pavement and ask local businesses for donations in the form of gift cards or real live items
  • Donate something yourself. Are you an artist? Do you work for a company that might donate something?
  • Do you have a vacation rental that you want to share?
  • You can also donate experiences. Can you take people rafting or on a fishing trip?
  • Do you have professional services to share? Perhaps a a photo shoot, landscaping or gardening consultation or home organization?

Party Boards

Do you have an idea for an event or party that you are willing to host as your donation to the Auction? Here are some ideas:

  • Teach something. Are you an expert at something that you could teach to a small group? Canning, candle making, woodworking, ceramics, baking or a specific type of cooking?
  • Host a party or gathering. Would you cook and serve a dinner for a small group? Cocktail party or musical gathering?
  • Host a sporting event. Do you long to wear all whites (after Memorial Day, of course) and play croquet or tennis with a group of like minded croquettes? Do you have a favorite hiking trail that you’d love to show to a small group?
  • Host a kids; event. You could take some kiddos for a parent’s night out or a movie night. Host a kid-friendly kick ball game and BBQ.

The options are endless! Get creative! Contact Party Board Directors Leonie Alaeddine at simplyleonie@gmail.com and Katy Powell at katy.sinkford@gmail.com for more info and support.


We are looking for yummy food donations for the Auction! Do you own a restaurant or bakery? Or know someone who does? If you are interested in donating food or know some who may be, please email Desiree Hull-Smith, our Director of Foodstuffs, at dezhullsmith@gmail.com. No donation is too large or too small.

Please consider joining the 2017 Earth Day Auction Team!

Thank you all in advance for your continuous kindness and generosity! YOU make this community what it is and you are appreciated!