May is always such an exciting month at SES. Still so much to discover and explore before the school year ends. But our kids are counting down the days—I am informed every morning how many days are left until the final day of school. We also get to celebrate our teachers and staff in a big way in May and our students participate in the last big PTSA fundraiser of the school year—the Run/Walk/Move (this Friday!).

May is also the month when the current SES PTSA Board looks ahead to the coming school year and recruits new Board members and sets our budget for the coming year.

Please consider joining the SES PTSA Board!

Each year new parents and guardians take on roles with the PTSA—President, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Community Kitchen Coordinator and much more. Every year we work together to share time, talent and resources to help make SES the remarkable school and community that it is.

The SES PTSA does so many things for SES—recruiting and supporting room parents, providing volunteers for countless events, raising funds and spending those dollars on activities that support and enrich each and every one of our kids, every day.

The SES PTSA Board typically has 12-15 positions to fill each year. Some are a great way to dip your feet and see how the water feels—some are a full-on cannonball in to the deep end of the pool. Some positions work on specific events during the school year and others have small weekly or monthly commitments.

Bottom line—if you can imagine yourself sharing more of your time and talents to the benefit of our entire school community next year, we’d like to talk. Literally—members of the current SES PTSA Board will be at the table in the main hallway of school every morning at drop-off for the rest of this week and all next week to talk with you about how you can get involved with the PTSA. Or reply back to this email and we’ll connect that way.

Thanks in advance for being a part of the 2016-17 SES PTSA Board!

Matthew Latterell
SES PTSA President