Support Public Education

Call me Bond … volunteer! ;-)

As you may know, activities in support of the Portland School District Bond are well underway. The Sunnyside PTSA has voted to support the bond and as such has committed to recruit volunteers to help with several phone banks between now and election day.

Like to talk on the phone? Not into canvassing door-to-door? We need YOU! 

Phone bank volunteering is a great way to make a difference!

The bond is providing the space, the phone script, and the targeted list of folks to call. They will train you…and it’s very simple training. The type of phone banking we will be doing is easy, as it is to a list of Democrats, and you will  just talk with them briefly about the Bond to gauge their level of agreement.  If they are unsure, then we give them a few “bullet points”.  If they are totally supportive, we ask if we can place a yard sign at their property, and get their address.

The Sunnyside Phone Bank Night we currently need volunteers for (from 5-8 pm) is:

  • Wednesday, October 17

You can also sign up for another night to volunteer on your own. I ask that you just let me know so that I can keep track of how many volunteers from Sunnyside we have provided!

Stay tuned as there will likely be one more “official” SES night that I recruit callers for before election day! Thanks for all your help & support!