Support Public Education

Calling all canvassers – great weather for a walk & a little “bond” talk

Hey folks. If you are interested in supporting the Bond and getting out in this gorgeous fall weather, have we got a deal for you!

With the amazing forecast for the next week or so, the bond campaign is focusing efforts on canvassing. This weekend,and all weekends, they are canvassing from 10 – 1 on Saturday and from 3 – 6 on Sunday.

Their location this weekend where they are meeting up to disperse into the neighborhood is Hamilton City Park in the SW next to Bridelmeyer School.

So if this is for you, get your walking shoes on!


If you are feeling the need to advocate for Public Education but maybe from the comfort of your own home for now or at least not through canvassing door-to-door, the National Education Association is asking for your help to save education jobs:

Congress has left Washington, DC and won’t return until mid-November, when these critical issues will take center stage. Now is the time to make our voices heard. We need to tell Congress that education and other critical programs cannot continue to bear the brunt of deficit reduction. The choice is stark: Congress can protect students and their education, or it can continue to coddle the wealthiest two percent and corporations that ship jobs overseas.Don’t let them make the wrong choice!

Take Action Today:

• Tell Congress to take a balanced approach to deficit reduction and reject more cuts to education.
• See new state by state data on what the pending cuts would mean for students and educators where you live.
• Visit your Members of Congress when they are back home campaigning. Tell them to stop the cuts to education and to make sure the top two percent pay their fair share.