Friday, October 19 is SES Run/Walk/Move!

It is today!!!

We are excited to announce the annual SES Run Walk Move event on Friday, October 19, 2018. This school-wide fundraising event is organized by the SES PTSA and family volunteers with collaboration and support from school staff. SES Run Walk Move is similar to a traditional jog-a-thon where participants gather pledges from sponsors and run or walk laps around the school. At SES, our participants can also earn “laps” by dancing with a NW Dance Project instructor. Pledges may be made as lump sums or per lap. The idea is for families and others to support the students in any way they can, be it in dimes, dollars, running along side your student, or cheering. The money raised from this event goes towards funding the SES place-based-learning curriculum and events. Last year this fun-filled event raised over $12,000 for our school!

We invite you to join us in supporting SES Run Walk Move and all of our students by following these steps:

  1. Help your student(s) gather pledges through the traditional paper forms [link coming soon] or online. You also have the option to also ask friends and family to donate online by setting up a Walkstarter webpage. With a parent or another adult, students can visit and set up a page in minutes. Each participant can visit and create a webpage, setting lap and fundraising goals with a custom avatar to share with potential donors via email or social media. Donors simply click the link and make a pledge in a few easy steps. Parents and kids can monitor progress toward their fundraising goals and easily send thank-you emails from the site. Walkstarter is private and secure, so no one can get to your child’s page unless they have your unique URL. Note: You can get donations on the paper form, on the PTSA website, through Walkstarter or a combination! Whatever works best for you, your family and your sponsors.
  2. Help your student remember to bring a water bottle and wear weather and activity appropriate clothing and shoes for the event day on Friday, October 19.
  3. Join us on the day of the event to cheer our students, run or dance along with them, and/or help tally laps. We plan to have supporters stationed around the school to help cheer and monitor students.
  4. Turn in your students’ pledge forms and collected pledges to the SES office or by online payments by Thursday, November 1.

Here is the run schedule by grade:

  • 3, 4, 5: 9:15-9:45am
  • Middle School: 10:15-10:45am
  • K, 1, 2: 12:25-12:55pm
General Interest

Friday, November 2nd: Picture retakes!

Did your child miss Picture Day? Have no fear, Make up picture day is set!

Make up picture day will be on Friday, November 2nd beginning at 9am. They will go for about 2 hours, depending on how many kids we need to get photographed. If you know your child was absent or plan for retakes, please contact us at or to let us know and confirm your child’s teacher so we can pull them out of class.

NOTE: The links for photos taken on original picture days will most likely be sent out in a week or two. IF you want your child to do RETAKES, they will happen that day as well but there is a $10 fee.

Emergency Prep

Sunnyside Parent Reunification Workshops and Drill

How will you reunite with your family immediately following a disaster?  Do all the members of your family know the plan?  Developing a communication and reunification plan starts with conversations and involves relationships with those around us.  Creating bonds within the community and sharing in the responsibility of preparedness makes the work less daunting and more fun and makes us more resilient as a whole.   SES Safety and Resilience Committee is hosting a reunification workshop Wednesday October 3 and a school-wide reunification drill on Wednesday October 10.

Workshops:  THIS WEEK October 3, 9-9:45 am in the cafeteria

5:30-6:15 pm in the maker-space (go through the library and take a right)

Drill:  Wednesday, October 10, 2:30 pm

Find documents and resources here

*If you are interested in becoming more involved with SES preparedness contact Ingrid Larsson,  All are welcome.  

After School

K-8 back-to-school night

Wednesday, September 26, 6-8pm: K-8 back-to-school night

Please join us on Wednesday, September 26 from 6-8 pm for our back-to-school night. Unlike past years’ events, this will be a K-8 back-to-school night. (We will not have separate events for K-5 and 6-8.)

Here is the schedule:


6:00–6:45 pm–K-5 families in auditorium (teachers come at the beginning for intros)

6:50-7:45 pm–K-5 families in student’s assigned classroom


6-6:30 pm–MS families in CORE class

6:35-6:45 pm–MS families in per 1 *math or Spanish

6:50-7 pm–MS families in per 2 *math or Spanish

*MS families will get their student’s schedule from their CORE teacher during CORE time

6:55-7:45–MS families in auditorium (teachers come at the beginning for intros)

If your family has children in both age levels and only have one adult coming, I recommend skipping ONE of the times in the auditorium as much of the information will be repeated for each session. Please feel free to move in and out of this schedule as you see fit if you have multiple children/places to be. 

General Interest

A letter from the Atkinson principal

A letter from the Atkinson principal:

Dear Atkinson Community,

I want to inform you about an incident that happened Thursday, September 20. A male student reported that a man approached him yesterday as he was leaving school. The man told the student that his dad authorized him to pick up the student from school. The student returned to school safely when the man was unable to repeat the safe word that the family had established. The student did not ask for staff assistance and left the building with his older sister. The man is described as wearing a black hat turned backward, sunglasses, a black jacket with the word “Dude” on it, and dark ripped jeans. The man is of average build and approximately six feet tall. 

Parents, please take time to review the following safety tips with your student(s). 

Always have your child walk with others.
Travel on busy streets where you may get help if needed
Do not cut through parks, fields, or other deserted areas
Know where your child is at all times
Remind students to never take money from a stranger
Do not let your child go alone into public restrooms in parks or stores.
Walk away from a stranger no matter what the stranger says to you.
Create a Code Word to use with your student, so they will know when a message is from you.
If someone keeps following you, SCREAM LOUDLY AND RUN AWAY.
If you see people around you participating in any activity that seems dangerous, suspicious or out of the ordinary, please call Portland Police at 911 first, then the school office, or PPS Security Services at 503-916-3000.

Brenda Fox
Principal, Atkinson Elementary School 

General Interest

October 15: Caldecott winning author and illustrator Molly Idle to our school

We are so excited to be welcoming Caldecott winning author and illustrator Molly Idle to our school on October 15! Molly will be visiting the 1-3rd grades to talk about what it’s like to be an author, how she became an illustrator and all about her new book, “Pearl.” For this visit we have partnered with Green Bean Books so kids have a chance to get signed copies of Pearl from Molly. If you are interested in ordering a book for your student, please fill out the form found here and return it to the library with your check by October 1. (Printed  copies of the form are available in the library.) Thanks so much for supporting our library!

After School

2018 SES Fall Middle School Musical (Grades 5-8)

THE FIRST INFORMATIONAL MEETING IS Wednesday, September 19, 3:15pm

This year, we will be embarking on the very first fall middle school musical. This show will be created with the students who sign up to be in and help out with the musical. This production will be for students grades 5-8, and together we will come up with a theme, a storyline and a script as a whole group. We have hired a professional script writer and composer to help us with these tasks. Mo and Caitlin will co-direct, and Constance Bracewell will be our design and technical director. Come to our first rehearsal on Wednesday, September 19 at 3:15pm to learn more about the show, help us choose a theme, and get to work creating. Learn more here.


Donors Choose campaign for MS OBOB titles and Chromebooks

Much-beloved teachers Heather Chaney and Carrie McCoy are teaming up to coach SES Middle School OBOB teams. To do this effectively and equitably, they need our help. Heather has set up a “Donors Choose” in hopes of obtaining the latest “Oregon Battle of the Books” (OBOB) titles for the Middle School, as well as four Chromebooks to supplement reading and writing instruction for all readers and writers, but especially for those who will benefit from access to audiobooks and other technology reading resources. ALL MS students will have access to these books and Chromebooks, whether they are participating in OBOB or not. The goal is to reignite a love for reading by having a wide variety of high-interest books at the fingertips of our middle schoolers. Donate here.

Please consider donating to Donor’s Choose, and be sure to use the code RIPPLE to gain us up to $50 in matching funds. Please also feel free to forward the link to anyone you think might donate and remind them of the code, RIPPLE! If you work for a business who likes to match “Donors Choose” or other funds for education, please share liberally! We have until November 1 to try and fund this endeavor.

General Interest

Pictures Days THIS WEEK

Pictures Days are fast approaching…THIS week on Weds. 9/19 & Fri. 9/21

Below you will find the schedule for each class time for individual school pictures next week. If your class is scheduled for Wednesday, please remind them that if any of their students will be out on the scheduled picture day due to celebrating the jewish holidays, to contact us asap so we can help with ensuring they have an opportunity on Friday to have their picturetaken. If absent, there will be a make up picture day on Oct. 9th.\


[one_third last=”no”]

9:00 – Logan
9:25 – Carrie
9:50 – Leo
10:20 – Indigo
10:50 – Corbin
11:20 – Kelly
12:20 – Karen S
12:45 -Tara
1:15 – Karen/Jon

[one_third last=”yes”]

9:00 – Asa
9:25 – Jeremy
9:50 – Allye
10:20 – Heather
10:50 – Monica V
11:20 – Eric
11:50 – Monica (5th)
12:15 – Cori
12:40 – Michael
1:15 – Tiffany
1:40 – Michelle
2:10 – Levia

Past News

Sunnyside Green Schoolyard WISH LIST

Sunnyside Green Schoolyard WISH LIST:
In order of priority
#1  Shelter!  We need builders for our tool shed. The rains are coming and the tools are going to get wet!  We have the plan, the lumber, the parts… we need the contractor who can lead a “shed raising”.  The tool shed also serves as an outside classroom for garden classes.
#2  Stand up freezer.  Do you have an old freezer you would like to donate?  Get yourself that new one?  The freezer at Sunnyside is too big and a bit bent..  We use it to preserve our harvest, freeze leftovers from Harvest Fair, and for lots of popsicles of course!
#3  Small fixing/building projects for wooden benches and raised beds, etc. Normal wear and tear and heavy kid use!
#4  Chicken food, straw, and pine shavings are a substantial expense.  Would you like to help by dropping some off for the SES hens?
#6  Compost tumbler!  Have one that you rarely use?  We need it to be “rat proof”/off the ground.  
Contact Steph if you’d be able to offer your assistance in one of these ways.
text/call:  (504)919-0660
Sustainability office is in the back of the auditorium – stop by and see!