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PIL 2018 Fall sports

Portland Interscholastic League (PIL) youth sports was created for the purpose of growing community-based programs that feed into PPS high schools. PPS middle schoolers can try out for and play on their neighborhood school’s PIL sports teams. 

Note that the PIL program is run by the PIL Athletic Office, but individual teams are run by high school coaches in each cluster. As such, athlete participation is restricted to the neighborhood school associated with an athlete’s home address. Read the boundary map FAQs.

The mission of the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL) is to promote participation and sportsmanship through a competitive interscholastic athletic program. Every athlete is provided with opportunities, positive recognition, and learning experiences that support and maximize the academic goals of our High School. Athletics utilizes experiences that are inherently educational to foster lifelong lessons such as teamwork and self-discipline, while facilitating the physical and emotional development of our student athletes.

Communication for each school’s team is handled by coaches and volunteers, and can vary widely. The SES PTSA does its best to gather information on this page for parents, but please note: nobody on the PTSA or in the SES office will be able to answer questions about the program. If you’ve questions, your best bet is to visit the PIL contacts and websites page and find the most appropriate contact.

Fall 2019 sports information made available to the PTSA

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A note from your library: September, 2018

Welcome back, Sunnyside Readers! The library books and I have missed you this summer! I hope you had a wonderful summer of fun and READING! A few announcements and reminders to get the year started in the library:

  • Summer reading ends August 31
    Don’t forget to get your reading logs checked at Multnomah County Library before the last day and wear your summer reading t-shirt on Friday, September 7 for our summer reading celebration!
  • Middle School apps4pps passwords have been reset to a default by the district. We will be resetting passwords in the coming weeks, but, until then, students can use the default password of Pps+their 6-digit ID. (The first P must be capitalized!)
  • The library needs volunteers
    Our library depends on volunteers to keep it running smoothly. If you are interested in volunteering for the library, please let me know.
  • Oregon Battle of the Books
    It’s time to start thinking about teams and reading OBOB books. We have a shelf dedicated to OBOB books, both for middle and elementary levels. Registration for OBOB teams will begin soon!
  • Don’t forget to check the new library website for news and announcements about what’s happening in the library, news about OBOB, research and homework help, and a donation link. Click the library tab on the school website to check it out.
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A welcome from SES PTSA President Charity Fain

Dear Sunnyside Family,

Happy start of the 2018-2019 school year, and welcome to all incoming and returning families! I am so excited to start the year and to be working with the rest of the PTSA to help make Sunnyside the best school for all our kids. 

Each year, the PTSA not only organizes some amazing parties and events such as the Harvest Fair, Stone Soup and Pi(e) Night, but we also organize fundraisers that support our teachers, staff, and the enriching programs at Sunnyside. You have received a letter detailing the Back to School Ask, so please check it out! We also organize large fundraising events such as the Run-Walk and Read-a-Thon along with smaller fundraising activities. These funds ensure that all children at Sunnyside can actively participate in all events!

You may not be aware that a small, dedicated group of parents make all this happen. I run a local nonprofit and fundraise for a living. I know how much time, talent and dedication it takes to fundraise in the best of situations, and this parent-led group does an amazing job for the school, the kids, the teachers, and the staff. Plus, we all have fun in the process!

If you are looking for more ways to get involved or to just feel more connected to the school and our community, please join the PTSA today. You don’t have to know how to fundraise, just to be willing to help! You will find information in the Back to School Ask letter on how to join. But really, just simply show up for a meeting at any time, or feel free to contact me with questions. 

We need you! We need your time, talent and treasure. We need your organizational skills, your humor, and your creativity. I look forward to getting to know you and seeing you at the next meeting. You can find the PTSA full schedule here:

Charity Fain
The Sunnyside Environmental School PTSA

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Sign up for Capoeira!

CAPOEIRA is back!
Beginners Capoeira is back in the neighborhood! See a video of our Sunnyside Capoeria Group in action on the Sunnyside Environmental School Community Facebook Page.
This is the scoop:
~ classes take place inside one of the spaces at the Sunnyside Methodist Church, right by the school, on the corner of  35th and Yamhill. That allows us to offer classes not only to SES students, but also for other kids in the community.
~ we will have two classes. One monthly program for advanced students that have been doing the Capoeira after school program for a few terms now. That class full. We also have a new monthly class, to fulfill the demand: on Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 pm and cap at 12 students. Classes start on Wednesday 9/5. $90 for the first 2 months and $60/month after that. All grades are welcome and I can let you know the average age of the students as they enroll. Professor Pyata Penedo will be back. Pyata is Brazilian and a Capoeira practitioner for several years now. In Portland, he is under Mestre Dilaho, also Brazilian, from CTE Capoeiragem ( ). Classes fill up really fast, so if you are interested, please let me know at
Don’t know anything about Capoeira? You can find out more here in this article: Disguised In Dance: The Secret History Of Capoeira
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Sunnyside Water Fountains are BACK ON

Dear Sunnyside K-8 community.

The district is pleased to let you know that water tests for Sunnyside K-8 have been completed. The test results show that the quality of the water coming from the drinking faucets is now better than the EPA recommendations for schools. Therefore, the district is turning the drinking faucets back on in your school’s common areas (hallways, cafeteria and/or gym).

Water Test Results Are On-line
The new water test results for your school can be found at the PPS Healthy and Safe Schools website. Click on the water quality link, scroll down to your school and click on the 2017 results PDF.

Signage Will Be Provided to Show Which Water Fixtures Are Approved for Drinking Signs will be placed on fixtures to signify which ones are available for drinking and which ones are not to be used. Sinks and other fixtures may be in operable condition but not to be used for
drinking, and signs will make that clear. Drinking fixtures that require more lead remediation will be turned off and not returned to service until that work is completed at a later date.

In-Classroom Drinking Fixtures Will Be Replaced as Needed.
In an effort to reduce bottled water use, PPS crews will accelerate the plan to return in-classroom drinking fountains to service. Re-testing of these fixtures is now underway and will continue as the school year begins. If the in-classroom drinking fountains test results show that the quality of the water coming from the faucets is below the PPS action level of 15ppb, they will be returned to service. If they fail, they will remain shut off until plumbing crews return to the school and replace them. After replacement, they will be retested and returned to service if the results come in under the PPS action level. The district plans to have this work finished by January of 2019.

Kitchen area drinking fixtures
Food preparation faucets and sprayers have also been replaced, tested and may now be used without restriction. Please note that this applies to the kitchen fixtures specifically signed as “For Food Preparation Only”.

Bottled Water to be Phased Out
With the common area water fixtures turned on, there is reduced need for bottled water in schools. The district will review each school on a case by case basis and begin removing bottled water in the coming weeks.

Water filters are not being used on the repaired drinking fixtures
In the past many PPS drinking fixtures used a filtering system. PPS is moving away from this approach because most of our water quality issues can be solved without a filtered system.

PPS Is Replacing Only Drinking Water Fixtures
PPS defines a drinking fixture as drinking fountains and kitchen food preparation fixtures. Drinking fountains include bubblers, coolers, and bottle fill stations in both common areas and classrooms (See above section on In-Classroom drinking fixtures). Kitchen food preparation fixtures include kitchen faucets, sprayers, ice makers, faucets in career and technical education (CTE) classrooms, and faucets in staff lounges or lunch rooms.

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Grant HS@ Marshall Campus

3905 SE 91st Avenue


The Clothing Center makes such an impact on a students’ success in school! When students feel good about their appearance, they are more confident with their peers and attend school on a regular basis. The Center is a vital part of our PPS Community, but we can’t operate without our volunteers to help. Please consider volunteering on a regular basis, once or twice a month or more often. Choose the first Monday, the third Thursday of each month, or any other day we operate that suits your schedule.

  • Thursdays, 1-2 hours: Moving clothing to/from Grant’s loading dock. Requires some simple sorting, lifting clothing bags and pushing bags of clothing on a cart to and from the Clothing Center.
  • Monday and Thursday, 4-5 hours: Welcome families at Grant’s front door, sign them in, monitor the waiting area, send families upstairs for clothing and monitor their departure. Requires sitting in Grant’s front hall.
  • Monday and Thursday, 4-5 hours: New Clothing Distribution, work with families to provide new items (coats, shoes, jeans, socks and underwear).
  • Tuesdays, 1-4 hours: Restocking Work Day, sort, hang and restock for our next open day.
  • Monday and Thursday, 9:30am -1:30pm any time you have: Drop in Help, work with families or sort and restock shelves. We can always use extra help.

If you’ve got some time, drop in to help on a Monday or Thursday and let the supervisor know you might be interested in helping on a regular basis. Email Sharon for more information or call 503.293.0783. Please share with others.

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Room Parents NEEDED

Hi all!

My name is Leticia George and I’m the new Room Parent Coordinator, filling big shoes previously worn by Justine Light for the last 5 years 🙂
As a room parent myself, for the last 6 years, I know how important, fun an easy (really!) this job is. So I’m asking you to consider being a room parent for your child’s classroom! Each classroom will have two room parents so you won’t be alone!! Don’t know anything about being a room parent or what the position entails? Fear not! I’m here to help you and you will find out all the details you need to do a terrific job. It’s a great way to be involved, know what’s going at the school and your classroom first hand, and also a great opportunity to get to know other parents and families.
Please consider this important volunteering job at SES and let me know if you can be an awesome room parent this year!
Contact me at

With much gratitude!

Letícia Ramos Leandro George
(Logan Antonio & Dahlia Luna’s mom – 6th & 5th grades)

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Back-to-School Packet Stuffing

Hello Sunnyside Families! I hope everyone has had a great summer. School starts soon and we are looking for as many willing volunteers as we can find to join us after drop off on the first day of school (Monday, August 27) to stuff envelopes with back-to-school information, calendars and forms to send home with students. The more people we have, the faster it goes, and it is a great way to catch up with other families after the summer break.

Feel free to just show up at 8:45 (the cafeteria is our main work area), or contact Elizabeth Levi at to let us know you are coming or ask any questions.

Packet stuffing usually goes from 8:45 until about 11:30, but feel free to come for as long as you can even if you can’t stay the entire time. Hope to see you there!

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PPS PTA Clothing Center Open 8/20-8/23

The PPS PTA Clothing Center will be open for kids to receive clothing Monday, August 20 through Thursday, August 23 from 9:30am-1pm.

The Clothing Center will not be open the first day of school, August 27.

Each student must have a Clothing Center application filled and signed by school secretary, counselor or principal for each visit.

Find the application HERE.