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6th & 7th grade parents: Please help with 8th grade promotion

As many of you know, 6th and 7th grade families get the amazing opportunity to put together the 8th grade promotion. It’s a chance to celebrate these kids and families as they move on, and we want to make sure they don’t have to do a thing. Promotion this year is Thursday, June 7.

Please follow this SignupGenius link and find a job JUST for you.

Thank you!
Kimber, 7th grade mama

Past News

7th grade marine biology wish list

The 7th grade is leaving on their marine biology trip next week, and we are looking for the following art supplies. If you are able to donate something, please drop off supplies with Eliza Coblentz in the Main Office no later than Thursday, May 17.

Thank you so much,
Indigo, Cori and Karen 

  • Newspaper
  • Shoe boxes
  • Artsy/landscape/animal/travel/magazines/images
  • Thicker pretty wrapping paper
  • Rolls of clear contact paper
  • Cigar boxes
  • Old, unwanted sheet music
  • Small wooden frames (3×5, 4×6, 5 x 7) to collage on
  • Yarn
  • Twine
  • Wire
  • Nails, screws, fasteners
  • Hammers
  • Sandpaper
  • For the photography class: Donations of old digital cameras with download cords, if possible
  • For a comic/graphic novel drawing class:
    • Colored pens and markers
    • Pens
    • Large drawing or chipboard
    • Graphite pencils
    • Any comic books or graphic novels to donate
    • Any how-to books to lend
Past News

Food prep help wanted for 6th grade marine biology trip

The heat wave is over…just in time to fire up your ovens to bake for the Grade 6 marine biology trip.

Marine Bio is just a week away, and the food prep has begun. We count on contributions from families to make the trip successful and delicious. We’ll have a spot in the cafeteria for donation drop off starting on the Friday before the trip, May 18. Here are two ways that you can help us out this week:

  • Make a batch of granola to add to the breakfast buffet. It’s a super popular breakfast item, so we need lots. Find the bulk Sunnyside Granola recipe here, if you want to go crazy. Smaller batches help every bit as much. It all adds up when we mix it all together on site.
  • Contribute dessert treats, cookies, brownies, Rice Krispie squares, etc. The best treats for this trip travel can be boxed up for travel and can be eaten with one hand. It’s great to have a variety for evening desserts, and homemade are especially appreciated. We need about 250 desert treats, and the students are happy to help out if we have leftovers!

It would be helpful if some of the treats were free of milk, butter and soy. We have some students with soy and dairy sensitivities on the trip, this year. Questions? Email

Thanks from your Marine Bio Cooking Crew!

Past News

Big Thanks from the SES Foundation Auction committee

Hello Awesome SES Community,

With all of your amazing support we raised just under $35,000 to support staffing at our amazing school. Thank you so much! Your support—whether it be signing up to volunteer to set up or take down, sell Hawaii raffle tickets, pick up a keg or just plain swill cocktails—is KEY to our success.

This event takes so many folks to procure, sort, organize, decorate, input, market, design, entertain, check-in, check-out and generally just be present! It is a Herculean effort, and with all of your help we moved a mountain.

I would like to thank particularly the auction team: Kieran Cannistra, Charity Fain and Holly Cook. You three took it up to at least 13. I would also like to thank Becky O’Leary (for being wherever she was needed), Mo Phillips, Leonie Alaeddine, Justine Light, Jarrett Altman for making the white fluffies, Emory Oeding and Michelle Schardt for lovely flowers, Jill Kehoe, Jeran Turner, Chloe Derderian, Leaux Elstad, and of course Marissa and Ian at BEESWING, the best venue ever!

And quick shout-out to the Maui raffle auction’s big winner: Sean Hathaway. WOOT, WOOT, YEAH SEAN!

And since we’re always looking forward to the future…let’s see how we can top it next year!

With more thanks and a full heart,
Corby Watkins
SES Foundation Auction Chair

Past News

Thursday, May 24: 5th grade safety patrol picnic

All fifth graders are invited to the annual safety patrol picnic, taking place Thursday, May 24 at Oaks Park. Participants will leave at 9am and return around 1:30pm. All costs are covered—students do not need to bring any money. Hot dogs, chips and ice cream will be provided for lunch. Students should bring water bottle.

Past News

Franklin High School announcements for 8th grade families

May 16, 6:30pm: FHS Meet & Greet and PTSA Meeting

8th Grade families planning to attend Franklin High School in the fall are invited to meet our new FHS principal, Chris Frazier and attend our final PTSA General meeting of the year, where Chris and our outgoing principal will discuss the upcoming school year. We will meet in the FHS cafeteria (Student Commons) at 6:30pm for appetizers made by our own culinary students. This will be an informal gathering to meet Chris. At 7pm, our more formal PTSA meeting will begin with time for a Q&A with Chris and our outgoing principal Juanita Valder.

Save the date for registration

FHS registration will occur August 14-16. A specific date and time for Freshmen will be announced soon. Registration is when students confirm their schedules for the fall and get their student IDs, which double as their bus pass. If they miss registration, they will have to wait to get their ID until after school starts. There will also be a Freshman orientation, date and time TBD but either tied to the same day as registration or possibly the week after. Stay tuned!

Past News

Wednesday, May 30, 6-8 pm: “Gamify your parenting” and PTSA general meeting

On Wednesday, May 30, join the SES PTSA and special guest speaker (and SES parent) Scott Crabtree for a session on engaging your kids:

“Gamify” Your Parenting: What parents can learn from game developers

To engage many young people, parents and other adults must provide interaction and fun. Learn how to gamify your approach to kids so that you and they have more fun and engage with each other more. Learn from the masters of engagement—game developers—and the science that explains how games engage kids. Explore:

  • How your parenting can deliver engagement just like a great video game with Autonomy, Relatedness, Mastery, and Surprise
  • Why giving kids buy-in or why-in is so compelling to getting cooperation
  • What game developers know about mastery and why you should also be “rubber banding” to engage youth.
  • Learn the science that game developers use–and the practical steps any adult can take–to engage today’s youth.

Scott Crabtree’s repeat clients include DreamWorks, Boeing, Intel, HP, Activision/Blizzard (game companies), NBC, Enumclaw WA School District, Silver Falls School District, and Nike.

There will be free prizes and snacks! And childcare! Please contact Alison Taylor to ESVP for kid wrangling:


Wednesday, May 16, 8:40-10:40: Garden morning

A huge THANK YOU to those of you who came to help on Garden Day this spring. We made big progress on the big projects that take “big” humans to accomplish. 

That being true and said, the turn out on that semi-rainy day was relatively small, so we are left with some unfinished big projects and we need more help. Please come on Wednesday, May 16 during late start to assist with finishing up: fence-building, irrigation, garden bed-creating and painting projects. Just bring yourselves and friends, tools and gardens provided.


Staff and Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up: May 29 to June 1

Here comes our annual chance to show love and gratitude to our incredibly talented and committed Sunnyside teachers and staff by…

  • Contributing a small and simple gift to your classroom teacher’s Love Basket, coordinated by your Room Parents.
  • Making contributions to the gift card fund which purchases gift cards for non-classroom teachers and staff, such as our caring custodians, outstanding office staff, Learning Center teachers, cafeteria goddesses, educational assistants, and the specialists who teach PE, Art, Gardening, Media and Music.
  • Bringing in FOOD for staff on your grade level’s day. (More information and a Sign-Up Genius will be coming soon via your Room Parents.)

Please take a moment with your child to start thinking about how you both would like to express thanks and care to the people who make Sunnyside the incredibly student-centered, engaging, connected and fun school that it is.