The (admittedly loose) guidelines we follow when considering submissions:

Goals of the Messenger:

  1. Keep SES parents informed of school-related events and needs.
  2. Support the things that support the people who support the kids of SES.

We will consider the following types of submissions:

  • Events spearheaded by SES teachers and staff that fit within the general interests or mission of the school and the larger community, including events that directly profit these teachers and staff.
  • Limited business ventures spearheaded or owned by SES teachers and staff, as long as they relate closely to the mission of the school.
  • Other events and business ventures exactly related to the mission of the school, namely:
    • Kid care and entertainment
    • Parent education
    • Kid education
    • The environment
    • Social justice
    • Racial justice

We generally will not consider:

  • Events and business ventures spearheaded or owned by friends, spouses, neighbors, etc. of SES teachers and staff that don’t benefit the school directly in any way.
    Ask yourself the question, “Am I asking a volunteer of the SES PTSA to spend his or her time on marketing that doesn’t benefit the school in any tangible way?”

Other ways to promote your business using local channels:

  • The SES Facebook community. Just join and post. Note that some won’t appreciate every post, but that’s Facebook. Some will!
  • The Sunnyside (and wider) neighborhood community on Nextdoor. Nextdoor can be even less forgiving than Facebook … but there are ways to advertise on Nextdoor that cost nothing and are appreciated by the community.
  • The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association newsletter. These pamphlets are delivered door-to-door and are an excellent place to advertise local businesses.
  • The Know Your Neighbors program. This is a partnership between Sunnyside parents and local business owners. Though the SES PTSA is a beneficiary of the program, it does not run the list.