As mentioned in the Messenger, the PTSA, at the request of the SES administration, PTSA is creating a new set of email lists using Google Groups. These lists will be tied to students based on their graduating class year (the year they’re expected to graduate from 8th grade). So, this year’s incoming kindergarteners will be the “class of 2020” and the list will follow them through 8th grade. We will automatically invite every family in their appropriate cohort. However, you will be able to unsubscribe if you leave the school or no longer want to receive emails from the list.

These lists are intended to allow families to coordinate both school-related and social events that encourage a sense of community among group members. We ask that families use the lists only for this purpose and do not abuse them. Occasionally, the front office or PTSA may use these lists to contact families in a certain grade about school-related issues that are only pertinent to those students.

If you didn’t receive an invitation or lost it, click on the appropriate link below to apply for membership to your cohort list.