Much-beloved teachers Heather Chaney and Carrie McCoy are teaming up to coach SES Middle School OBOB teams. To do this effectively and equitably, they need our help. Heather has set up a “Donors Choose” in hopes of obtaining the latest “Oregon Battle of the Books” (OBOB) titles for the Middle School, as well as four Chromebooks to supplement reading and writing instruction for all readers and writers, but especially for those who will benefit from access to audiobooks and other technology reading resources. ALL MS students will have access to these books and Chromebooks, whether they are participating in OBOB or not. The goal is to reignite a love for reading by having a wide variety of high-interest books at the fingertips of our middle schoolers. Donate here.

Please consider donating to Donor’s Choose, and be sure to use the code RIPPLE to gain us up to $50 in matching funds. Please also feel free to forward the link to anyone you think might donate and remind them of the code, RIPPLE! If you work for a business who likes to match “Donors Choose” or other funds for education, please share liberally! We have until November 1 to try and fund this endeavor.