SES Safety and Resilience Committee 
a.k.a the Rock-n-Roll Committee
SES PTSA has a Safety and Resilience Committee (aka the Rock-n-Roll Committee) focusing on emergency preparedness at Sunnyside. Emergency preparedness is a long-term project of building relationships, making plans, mitigating potential hazards, and strengthening the capacity of a community to bounce back after a disaster.  The responsibility for preparing for the worst – while living for the best – belongs to the whole community, not just the school administration.  

The Rock-n-Roll Committee aims to support the school’s emergency readiness by informing the SES community and neighbors about home/family preparedness with events and information sessions.  We’re working toward developing a core of students and community members trained in emergency response skills and hope to provide equipment and emergency supplies to supplement what is available through the school.  We also aim to support the work of Portland Public Schools to make SES a safer building.

The Rock-n-Roll Committee is open to any SES community member and meets the first Monday of each month at 9am.  Check the SES PTSA Calendar for updates.  To be added to the email list, or to ask questions about our work, please email Holly Cook (, the Safety and Resilience Committee Chair.