How can I get involved?

Volunteerism and public service are core values at SES. The kids call it Service Learning and it teaches them new skills, introduces them to new communities & friends and enlarges their hearts and their notions of what is possible in the world. We believe that parents and other members of the SES community set a good example for SES students through their own service learning.

The PTSA is always looking for volunteers for SES events, to become room parents, to serve on the PTSA Board, to join Site Council or the Parent Equity group, to help with the Foundation, and in many other roles at SES.  PTSA puts out a volunteer survey that it uses to create a database of potential volunteers.

Also, we want your input!  All PTSA meetings, including board meetings, are open to anyone interested in attending and anyone may participate.  PTSA encourages you to become a member of the PTSA for a $10.50 donation.  Members may vote on any matter put before the membership including the annual budget and election of PTSA board members.

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