How does the PTSA spend the funds it raises?

The PTSA’s current budget can be found elsewhere on this website: Each year the PTSA asks teachers, school administration, SES site council, parents and other interested parties at SES for input on its budget for the following year.  The PTSA Board initially proposes and votes on this budget, and then submits it to the entire PTSA membership for approval during the spring PTSA member meeting, which usually occurs in May.  PTSA is always looking for additional input from the SES community on its budget priorities.  Your ideas and comments are important to us!

PTSA uses its funds to pay for many of the extra programs, activities and enrichment that students receive at SES — most of these are not funded by Portland Public Schools.

For the past several years, the largest item in the PTSA budget has been for the Sustainability Team, which works with teachers and students at every grade level.  Some of the larger categories in the PTSA budget include the funding of music education, art programs and overnight scholarships for SES students.

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