What about those numbers on the estimated classroom costs at the bottom of the page?

Even if you give all you can on this form, you can expect some additional fundraising for class-related expenses to be conducted in individual classes. Teachers or room parents will ask for these additional donations to cover the costs of field studies, overnights and class projects. These numbers are just a rough estimate.

Beginning in 5th grade, your student will participate in overnight trips. As they age, the trips will get longer and have a corresponding increase in price. These trips are an important part of our curriculum and we want all families to participate! We provide the cost estimates in fall so you know as soon as possible and can begin budgeting right away. When the trip costs are finalized, the school will contact you to arrange payment.

If you are on free and reduced lunch, PTSA provides scholarships to cover half the trip costs. If you need additional assistance, ask the front office about the GO Fund. We want all our families to participate in our overnights; your personal economic situation should not hold you back.

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