How is the suggested donation calculated?

The Back to School request helps support the sustainability program and art enrichment as well as program supplies for classrooms and Go Fund scholarships to make sure all students attend their grade-level overnight trips. The amount requested each year is determined by calculating roughly what all of our fundraising needs are to support our great school programs each year and then dividing that by the number of students enrolled at SES. Think of it as the estimated costs to fund SES programs other than the basics provided by Portland Public Schools.  These programs make SES a special school.

Please give as you are able and know that there will be fundraisers and classroom asks big and small throughout the year to support all of our students, classrooms and grades. Your donations pay for important programs unique to Sunnyside. It takes all of us to make Sunnyside a special school.

Because the PTSA and the school have never received 100 percent participation in this donation request, we plan to conduct several other fundraisers during the year to cover the budget (the Read-a-thon; the Run/Walk and several other smaller fundraisers).  Also, your student’s teacher or room parent may request additional funds for field trips or other activities, which are not included in the “program support” estimate…they fall under estimated classroom costs on the bottom of the printed request form.

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