What is the PTSA and why is it asking for money?

SES PTSA stands for “Sunnyside Environmental School Parent Teacher Student Association,” which is sometimes called PTSA or PTA for short.

PTSA is the all-volunteer organization comprised mostly of parents and teachers that serves two main functions at SES:  (1) to coordinate volunteers for SES programs and activities, and (2) to fundraise and provide funding for SES programs and activities.

Among other things, PTSA volunteers maintain this website, which is usually a reliable source for finding out what is going on at SES: www.sesptsa.org.  PTSA volunteers publish the SES Weekly Messenger email and coordinate room parents.  They organize annual events like the Harvest Faire and fundraisers like the Read-A-Thon and the Taste of Sunnyside.

However, no fundraiser is more important than this request for donations at the beginning of the school year.  Receiving direct donations at the beginning of the year helps the PTSA to plan its budget and set goals. Other fundraisers are necessary because not everyone is able to give at the requested levels.

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