Who is making this request for donations?

This is a joint request made by the Sunnyside Environmental School (SES) administration and the SES PTSA (the parent teacher association). Your donations support the programs that make SES a special place.

First line item: Contributions made under the first line of the request form for “SES PTSA Program Support” will go to the SES PTSA general fund (see description below).

The PTSA has agreed to make a grant of a percentage of these contributions to an SES school account called the “student body account” (see description below), which the SES principal administers. Together, these two funds pay for different programs at SES.  Both are important to the continued support of SES programs.

In the past, parents in the SES community received two donation requests at the beginning of the school year, one request from PTSA known most recently as “Live Green, Give Green” and a separate request from the SES principal known as the “Grateful Request” to help fund the student body account.

To avoid the confusion of two requests, PTSA and SES Principal Amy Kleiner, have agreed to collaborate with this combined request for donations with 50% going to the student body account and 50% going to the general PTSA budget. The hope is that a joint request will ensure fundraising efforts to support the same school will not be in competition and that the community clearly understands how all funds are used.

Second line item: Contributions made under the second line of the request for “PPS Foundation” will be transferred to the SES account within the PPS Foundation.  The Foundation is an organization separate from both the school and the SES PTSA, and donations to the Foundation are used in accordance with the Foundation’s rules and guidelines.  Using money from the Foundation is the preferred way to pay for extra staffing at schools within the PPS system. (See description of the PPS Foundation below).

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