The heat wave is over…just in time to fire up your ovens to bake for the Grade 6 marine biology trip.

Marine Bio is just a week away, and the food prep has begun. We count on contributions from families to make the trip successful and delicious. We’ll have a spot in the cafeteria for donation drop off starting on the Friday before the trip, May 18. Here are two ways that you can help us out this week:

  • Make a batch of granola to add to the breakfast buffet. It’s a super popular breakfast item, so we need lots. Find the bulk Sunnyside Granola recipe here, if you want to go crazy. Smaller batches help every bit as much. It all adds up when we mix it all together on site.
  • Contribute dessert treats, cookies, brownies, Rice Krispie squares, etc. The best treats for this trip travel can be boxed up for travel and can be eaten with one hand. It’s great to have a variety for evening desserts, and homemade are especially appreciated. We need about 250 desert treats, and the students are happy to help out if we have leftovers!

It would be helpful if some of the treats were free of milk, butter and soy. We have some students with soy and dairy sensitivities on the trip, this year. Questions? Email

Thanks from your Marine Bio Cooking Crew!