Hello Dear SES Community,

As we head toward the glory of summer fruits and swimming holes, I want to send you one last blast as your PTSA President.
First let’s celebrate the munificent people stepping in to leadership roles at the PTSA. Hooray and thank you! Your incoming PTSA Board for 2018-2019 will be:
  • Executive Board
    President—Charity Fain
    Vice President—Michelle Pier
    Secretary—Desiree Hull-Smith
    Treasurer—Julie Helzer 
  • Board
    Assistant Treasurer—Ashley Ramona Preece
    Board Member At-Large—Justine Light
    Board Member At-Large—Holly Cook
    Teacher Representative—Eric Fass
    Student Representative—Wrigley Cook
Second, I want to give huge thanks to the outgoing board for their bottomless enthusiasm and willingness to work, organize, and share. Elizabeth Levi and Matthew Latterell both have been involved with the PTSA and making things happen at SES for as long as I can remember. Each of them has served in various capacities on the board and off over the years. Jarrett Altman was our Secretary and is taking over the Run-Walk-Move and other Go Fund fundraisers. She is a bubbly sharknado. Kate Foster volunteered for so many other things while serving as Assistant Treasurer and helping behind the scenes with what I call, “money stuff.” Katy Powell and Desirée Hull-Smith were our Members-at-Large, stepping in to fill the gaps. Jeremy Thomas was our Teacher Rep, helping us better understand the needs of the teachers and staff while also having the insight of a parent. And finally, Leatile Kelly served as the Student Rep. She helped us reach out to students and brought the voice of the students to us. And she taught us a lot about what not to bring for MS snack. Thank you.
There are many other positions that round out the PTSA. Kieran Cannistra, Ina Zucker, Charity Fain, Corby Watkins, Justine Light, Letícia George, Ingrid Larssen, Elizabeth Levi. This group held the reins for the Standing Committees last year. Many of these people have been quietly serving for years. Just getting it done, day after day. Thank you.
And thank you to the folks who sign up to manage all the events! So many people help our school recycle trees, run-walk-move, and make Stone Soup, eat pie at Pi(e) Night and lasagne at Riparian Festival, organize Harvest Fair and the Auction, buy wreaths, and lead the read-a-thon, coordinate school photos, the trip to Westwind, MS dances and Go-Fund childcare, create a directory and manage the beastly lost and found. Thank you.
There are so many more people who deserve recognition. More than I even know.  here are art, PE, gardening, math and reading volunteers.  There are garden volunteers and cooks and library helpers. There are people who teach mini-classes and go on field studies both day and night.  There are grandparent volunteers and middle school volunteers. There are community members who don’t have ties to the school who come to help. People help in the office and in the classrooms. Heck, some ladies cleaned the basement! Thank you.
Finally I want to publicly apologize and take responsibility for not organizing the thank-you post-it notes for volunteers this year. Sunnyside would not be Sunnyside without the hundreds of volunteer hours that make the school hum. Each and every one of these volunteers deserves a (biodegradable) ticker tape parade, an ice cream party with so many sprinkles, and a serenade from Beyoncé. The post-it notes are our community’s way of saying thank you to all the volunteers, the unsung foundation of the PTSA. I dropped the ball. I am sorry.
On behalf of the PTSA, three cheers and a Beyoncé serenade to all of these folks for volunteering their time and expertise to help our small school do big things to benefit all the kiddos, the school, and, let’s be real, the future of the planet and humanity. For reals. No matter if we use bulldozers, shovels or spoons, mountains are getting moved.
Thank you for showing up.
Thank you for helping.
Thank you for bringing it.
Thank you.
Holly Cook