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What is this and why do I need this?

Are you prepared for a large-scale disaster?  If you do prepare for something big, you are also prepared for all the smaller emergencies (power outages, snowpocalypse, etc.).  There are many steps to preparedness, but water availability and sanitation are the most important things to think about ahead of time.  Most humans can only live 2 days without clean drinking water.

Water:  Emergency Planners recommend that for a large-scale disaster, each person should have a gallon of water per day, for 2 weeks.  That’s 14 gallons per person or 56 gallons for a family of four!  How can you store that much water?  We have the answer!  Purchase a 55-gallon, food-grade barrel (previously used once for transporting food items like pickles, syrups, etc.).  These plastic barrels can be stored outside in yards, garages, driveways, or anywhere that you think would be accessible during an emergency. 

More info on water storage:  https://www.regionalh2o.org/sites/default/files/include_water_card_0427.pdf

Your water barrel will need a pump system to get the water out.  This is not included in this fundraiser, but an example of what you would need is here: https://smile.amazon.com/TRDRUM30-Heavy-Barrel-Manual-Siphon/dp/B00APU2X2S/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1538076971&sr=8-3&keywords=water%2Bbarrel%2Bpump%2B55%2Bgallon&th=1

Twin-Bucket System (Pee/Poo Buckets):  If the water and sewage lines are damaged and service is disrupted, it will quickly become an issue on where/how to use the bathroom, especially over a longer timeframe.  Proper hygiene of human waste can help minimize illness and disease.  A double bucket system, one bucket for pee, and one for poo can help keep exposure to human bacteria minimized and contained.  More info: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/pbem/article/394125

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