Sunday October 6: Garden Day

For a few hours each Fall and Spring, Sunnyside families come together to take care of the school grounds on what we call “GARDEN DAY.” The productivity we can accomplish during this short amount of time is incredible if people show up! Drop by and work for however long you can between 9:00am-1:00pm. Projects that require adult-sized bodies, brains, and tools will be the priority. This is a family event- please do not drop off your student, there will not be supervision. Each group of up to 5 middle school students should have an adult chaperone. There will be small tools and smaller jobs for young people. We’ll use SES garden tools, but if you have your own gloves, shovel, or wheelbarrow close by, that would come in handy.

Activities include: improving garden beds, making new beds, spreading compost, improving trails, planting, chicken coop care, weeding, and more! 

Volunteer roles we need: procurer of snacks, bringer of coffee, head of irrigation pick-up, getting more people to join us, just being here and digging it! and we could make great use of a tool box with drill, driver and saw.

 ** If you’d like to contribute supplies, we need: shade-loving native plants, potting soil, planting compost, bone meal, seeds of all sorts, new kid gloves, and a (mini) green house!

The school building will be closed during Garden Day. For more information, contact SES Garden Coordinator, Steph at