If you have been before, you know this event is a blast for the kids and a great time for all. If this is your first time, you are in for a treat!

Get ready for…

  • The Cake Walk
  • The Magical Cookie Palace
  • The Hay Bales of Mystery
  • The Middle School Carnival
  • Apple Cider Press
  • Arts & Crafts Room
  • Pumpkin Weight Guessing Contest
  • NEW THIS YEAR: The Dunk Tank (see schedule at the bottom of this post)
  • …and more!

$5 (or 10 tickets) gets you a fresh-cooked meal—including dessert—or you can put your $5 (or 10 tickets) towards a grilled sausage.

Tickets are on sale MondayWednesday, Thursday and Friday before and after school at the table in the main hallway. On these days, you can buy 15 tickets for $5. (It costs 1 ticket per entry to the Hay Bales, Cake Walk, Cookie Palace and most carnival games. 10 tickets for dinner or for a sausage.) Ticket prices go up at Harvest Fair to $10 for 15 tickets, so buy your tickets in advance!

5th Grade Granola, Chinook Books and more will also be for sale during Harvest Fair!

  • Making a Cake or Cookies for Harvest Fair? You can bring your delicious dessert on Friday to the main office any time during the day or bring it with you Saturday to Harvest Fair!
  • Have small toys to donate for Carnival prizes? Bring them to the office this week!
  • Want to volunteer? Shifts are still available! Get in on it now!

This event is so awesome we’ve used up all our available exclamation points just trying to describe it … you’ll just have to come to Harvest Fair this Saturday from 4—7pm and experience it all for yourself.

Dunk Tank schedule:

  • 4 pm Sarah Wagner
  • 4:20 Mo Philips
  • 4:40 Carrie McCoy
  • 5 pm Amy Kleiner [Note change in time]
  • 5:20 Alexa Pearson [Note change in time]
  • 5:40 Michael Jansa
  • 6 pm Dian Christensen
  • 6:20 Dian Christensen
  • 6:40 Gillian Grimm