2011 Harvest Fair was truly a reflection of our school community. It was fun, collaborative, delicious, educational, musical, magical and inspiring. There were weeks of behind the scenes planning for this event, but in the end, it is the coming together of the entire community that executes the Harvest Fair. I think that’s why this event is a favorite among many. Everyone plays a part in its production. There are so many people that contributed to this year’s Harvest Fair and we all deserve to feel proud and grateful to be a part of the event. Thanks to all of you who volunteered in ways big and small: the cake bakers, toy bringers, cookie makers, harvesters, dancers, singers, fiddlers, apple pressers, food servers, sweepers, ticket takers, sausage makers, dish washers, table wipers, decorators, carni people, cooks, sound system techs, messenger writers, poster hangers, hay bale takers, student volunteers, Aunts, Uncle and Grandparent volunteers.

There are several people who deserve recognition for taking on leadership roles in the Harvest Fair. Please forgive if any names were left out.
Courtney and Jonas Lobo, Claire Randell, Bob Kerr, Michelle Calascibetta, Steyn Pearson, Britt Stoller, Jen O’Connor, Matt Karlsen, Vinnie Miller, Mike Clark, Annette Pearson, Jeff Ramsey, Patty Spencer, Avi Ben- Zaken, Neeley and Doug Wells, Bill Welch, Winn Hiton, The Yang Family, Tom Webb, the PTSA, the entire staff of SES, Custodial Support- Don, Shawn and Litha, the room parents, Campfire, Amy and Rebecca.

There were also many donations from local businesses and farms that provided food and supplies for the Harvest Fair that deserve recognition, appreciation and support in return. The following businesses contributed to the success of our Harvest Fair:
Grand Central Bakery, Zupans, Simington Gardens, Flying Onion Farm, Farmageddon Growers Collective, Wild Things Farm, Crooked Furrow Farm, Jeans Farm, SES families’ farms, Hollywood Trader Joes, Laurelhurst Market, Hawthorne Fred Meyers, Thomas Webb.

Finally, there were 2 winners of the Giant Pumpkin “Guess my weight” contest. Congratulations to Peter Sallinger and David Keltner who both guessed correctly 149 lbs for the Giant Pumpkin.

Thank you all for a fabulous Harvest Fair!