Fifteen of our 8th graders will be serving breakfast at the Lloyd Center Applebee’s (1439 NE Halsey) from 8—10am on Saturday, January 24. We hope you join us for this great community event.

Our goal is for 6th and 7th graders to sell a minimum of two tickets each and for our 8th graders to sell five each. Last year we raised $3000 from this fundraiser for our Go Fund, which ensures that all students get to go on our overnight trips.

Tickets cost $10 each, or five tickets for $40. $6 out of every $10 goes directly to SES. If your student needs more tickets, Tara Branham has more. (If your student has tickets that she or he does not sell, please return them to Tara so we don’t incur a charge from Applebee’s for unused tickets.)

Thanks to Applebee’s for supporting SES! And thank YOU for supporting us!