UPDATE: Ralph Nelson not marching in this year’s Junior Rose Parade

Ralph was so pleased to walk in the parade with SES families, but, due to the busy schedules of many, we have decided to wait for next year.

Join Ralph and march in the Junior Rose Parade on June 3. We will meet at noon at the staging area for the parade (NE Tillamoook and 53rd Street)—look for our sign. We march at 1pm and end at Grant High School. Participants can dress as any Portland Musical character they choose. Any child who marches should be accompanied by an adult (who is welcome to dress up, too). We will have a group sign thanking Ralph and signs for each cluster of characters. We are looking for a hand or cycle-pulled float for Ralph and his piano, if possible. We will sing some of the songs, too! You can look up more information about the Junior Rose Parade on their web site.