Schedule of 8th grade informational sessions 

  • December 2, 6pm: Grant High School
  • December 3, 6:30pm: Jefferson HS-Middle College for Advanced Studies
  • December 9, 6:15pm: Franklin High School
  • January 12, 6pm: Roosevelt High School
  • January 12, 6:15pm: Madison High School
  • January 13, 6:30pm: Jefferson HS-Middle College for Advanced Studies
  • January 14, 9:30am: Metropolitan Learning Center
  • January 20, 8:30am: Grant High School
  • January 20, 6pm: Metropolitan Learning Center
  • January 28: Jefferson HS-Middle College for Advanced Studies tours for students outside the dual assignment area.
  • February 4, 7pm: Cleveland High School
  • February 11, 9:30am: Metropolitan Learning Center
  • February 11, 6pm: Lincoln High School
  • February 11 and 12, 6pm: Benson High School tech show. Come view student work.
  • February 17, 8:30am: Grant High School
  • Mondays through April, 2016: Shadow a student at Wilson High School. Sign up: 

Benson: All 8th graders districtwide can apply through the lottery.

Jefferson: Guaranteed access for 8th graders who live in the Jefferson catchment/dual assignment area;  all other 8th graders district-wide can apply in the lottery.

Madison:  Many students who live in the Madison attendance area may be attending K-8 or middle schools outside of the attendance area. We are sending them postcards but appreciate your efforts to reach 8th graders attending outside of the Madison feeder schools so that they have the opportunity to visit their neighborhood high school.

Roosevelt: Guaranteed access for 8th graders in the attendance area and by student selection in the Jefferson dual assignment zone at Beach, Chief Joseph/Ockley Green and the western half of Faubion’s catchment.

Additional resources: