Here are some ways that you will be able to show your gratitude to all of the teachers, specialists and support staff who make Sunnyside a truly extraordinary place to grow and learn:

  • Bring in food to nourish our staff by signing up on one of the links below:
  • Contribute a card, poem, handmade gift or something simple to your classroom teacher’s Love Basket. Your room parent will contact you with details.
  • Use this link to contribute money toward communal gift cards for specialists and support staff—our janitors, office goddesses, teaching assistants, Sustainability Team, nurse, kitchen goddess, school psychologist, special education teachers, and teachers who specialize in the arts, PE and library services.
  • Make a card for a Sunnyside staff member at tables set up during lunch (Tuesday and Wednesday) and after school (Monday and Thursday).

Thank you all so much for participating and enjoying this heartfelt week of appreciation!