Did you know that Sunnyside is seen as a model program within PPS, the Metro area, and even nationally? Our combination of place-based education, service learning, constructivism, and best teaching practice is unique and powerful … and it exists because our teachers and staff create, maintain and improve upon it each and every day. Let’s get ready to express our gratitude to them in a couple of weeks! You will soon have the opportunity to:

  • Bring in food (organized by grade-level Room Parents) to nourish our teachers and staff.
  • Contribute to your classroom teacher’s Love Basket with a card, poem, or small gift (organized by your Room Parent).
  • Write a note to staff and teachers at our Thank You Note-Writing Table in the hall before school and during lunch.
  • Bring in a flower for our teachers on Tuesday, May 3, to be arranged into bouquets and presented to them.

And, right now, you can contribute to a fund to purchase gift cards for our classified staff and specialists. New this year, this fund will allow our community to meaningfully thank all the people who support learning in and out of the regular classroom, such as our janitors, administrators, office goddesses, teaching assistants, the Sustainability Team, nurse, kitchen goddess, school psychologist, special education teachers and teachers who specialize in the arts, physical education and library services. To contribute, click on this quick and easy link.

Thank you!