Thanks to everyone who attended! And special thanks to Don Geddes from Walsh Construction talking about our Seismic Safety Volunteer Effort (SSaVE) and Erin Barnett from PPS Communications & Doug Wells for helping us understand a bit of the complicated world of school budgeting.

Thanks also to next year’s board members:

President: Elizabeth Levi Vice President: Jill Bryant Treasurer: Chena Mesling Secretary: Dan Keppler Assistant Treasurer – Cindi Carrell Fundraising Committee – Matthew Latterell, Tory Cowan, Justine Light Communications – Beth Azar Education Policy Communications – Sue Lyon-Myrick Membership – Heidi McNamee Elementary Volunteer Coordinator – Kim Jarvis Middle school Volunteer Coordinator – Valerie Stegall Room Parent Coordinator – Heather Mattiolli Safety and Resilience Coordinator – Dana Buhl Community Kitchen Coordinator – Diana Deumling At Large Members – Neeley Wells, Mike Bray, Eric Herr, Bill Welch

pdf iconMay 16 2012 General.pdf