Staff Appreciation Week is NEXT WEEK, May 4-8!

Something is going on at Sunnyside that is unique and special—kids learning in the field and in the garden and in the kitchen, collaborating and cooperating in their learning, learning through story and firsthand experience, being trusted with freedom and choice, receiving specialized art and science and music instruction, singing together as a community, learning about social justice and environmental care, thinking critically and considering multiple perspectives, kids being allowed to be kids—to play, to joke, to exercise, to be outside, to create, to explore. All of this happens in conjunction with and in addition to a very high level of teaching and learning in the traditional realms of language arts, social studies, science and mathematics.

How and why does this happen? It grows out of a caring and committed community of families, parents and students, at the heart of which is our teachers and staff. Without their creativity, energy and deep dedication to this unique and special way of teaching and learning, Sunnyside just wouldn’t be Sunnyside.

So let’s give to them our thanks and appreciation during Staff Appreciation Week!

Here are the ways you can be involved and express your gratitude:

  • Contribute to your teacher’s Love Basket. Get details from your Room Parent.
  • Bring in food for staff and teachers. Sign up through your Room Parent.
  • Bring in a card or gift for an additional staff member or two who you appreciate! Think about student teachers, classroom aides, our office staff, our custodians, Mia, John, Dian, Mo, Gillian, Sarah Bacus, Vinnie, Steph, Kenel, and our administrators, Amy and Ryan. For whom are YOU thankful?
  • Come to the main hallway before school next week to sign cards for specialists, classified staff and our Sustainability Team.
  • Bring in a flower for your teachers (and other staff) on Monday, May 4—they can enjoy and admire it all week long!

Thank you for being involved!