Messenger Guidelines

SES Messenger Publication Guidelines

Scope and Purpose:

  1. The SES Messenger (the “Messenger”) is an email communication tool and electronic publication of the SES Parent Teacher Student Association (the “PTSA”) for the benefit of members of the SES Community, which includes SES students, parents, teachers, administrators, and staff.   The purpose of these guidelines is to help document editorial practices of the Messenger.
  2. A volunteer PTSA board member selected to handle communications (the “Communications Volunteer”) will have sole editorial discretion to determine the content of the Messenger.  The Communications Volunteer will strive to follow these guidelines in making editorial decisions for the Messenger and may consult with other board members and school administrators when questions arise concerning the Messenger.  However, the Communications Volunteer retains the right to exercise unfettered editorial discretion in the application, implementation, and interpretation of these guidelines.

General Content Guidelines

  1. The Messenger will be consistent with the mission of SES and the mission of PTSA and will be respectful toward all members of the SES Community.
  2. The Messenger will reflect SES’ mission to promote diversity and will not discriminate or reflect prejudice on the basis of race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, religion, or economic status.
  3. The Messenger will not publish content likely to be perceived as defamatory, vulgar, or embarrassing to any person.
  4. The Messenger will generally be published weekly while SES is in session and on other occasions as determined by the Communications Volunteer.  The Communications Volunteer may set a regular day for publication and may establish firm deadlines for items to appear in the Messenger.
  5. Items published in the Messenger will be timely.  Items will be republished solely at the discretion of the Communications Volunteer.
  6. The Messenger is a limited forum created by PTSA as a private, non-profit organization.  The Communications Volunteer will consider brevity, space, clarity and priority when making all publication decisions.  The Communications Volunteer will exercise discretion to revise and edit all submissions in accordance with these guidelines.
  7. The Messenger will not make its email lists available to any organizations or groups outside of SES and PTSA.

SES-Related Content

  1. The Messenger will always publish information about upcoming SES and PTSA sponsored events or activities that are open to a significant portion of the SES Community or that are of interest to members of the SES Community.  This may include events that support fundraising or other goals of SES or PTSA.
  2. SES has an extensive lost and found collection.  The Messenger will publish SES-related lost and found postings only where a member of the SES Community has recently lost an important or expensive item in or around SES.
  3. The Messenger may publish information about events or activities submitted by people or groups within the SES community if the Communications Volunteer decides that the event or activity is of interest to a significant portion of the SES community.
  4. The Messenger will not, as a rule, advertise services of SES Community members, list personal items for sale, or announce fundraisers that benefit an individual student.

Outside Community-Related Content

  1. The Messenger will publish information submitted by groups or organizations outside the SES Community about events or activities outside of SES if the Communications Volunteer decides that the information would be of significant interest to members of the SES community and is consistent with the missions of SES and PTSA.  Publishing information submitted by a group or organization will not constitute an endorsement of the events or activities of that group or organization by SES or PTSA.  The Messenger may include an appropriate disclaimer.
  2. The Messenger generally will not publish information intended solely for commercial purposes or otherwise to promote private, for-profit businesses.  However, where a business provides donations or other support to SES, PTSA, or to members of the SES Community, the Messenger will fully acknowledge that support in an appropriate manner.
  3. The Messenger will generally decline to publish information from groups outside the SES Community that, in the judgment of the Communication Volunteer, are of minimal interest to the SES community or inconsistent with the mission of SES or PTSA.
  4. Although the Messenger will strive not to offend members of the SES community, the fact that the activities of a particular group or organization may be considered controversial is not by itself a reason to deny publication in the Messenger.
  5. The Messenger will generally decline to publish information from groups, organizations, or businesses from outside the SES Community promoting activities for children (including classes or services) unless Portland Public Schools, Portland Parks & Recreation, SES, or PTSA has approved the activity or has approved the work of the group, organization, or business.
  6. Certain organizations or groups have historically had close relationships with SES or the SES Community.  The Communications Volunteer may consider those relationships in making editorial decisions.

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