Please mark your calendars for the Community meeting on January 26th in the evening from 6:15-7:30.  As the first step in the process of hiring a new principal we are invited to share our thoughts on what makes our school unique and what attributes we want to see in a principal.  In the day-to-day functioning of the school it is easy to forget just how unique Sunnyside Environmental School is, and how strongly we value our curriculum and ways of being.  Hiring a new principal who understands the mission, vision and curriculum framework of the school is essential, and our job as a community is to help the human resources department of PPS understand what we value.

Our curriculum framework is unique in both the approach we take to curriculum and outlining what is important, and the fact that we wrote it ourselves.  Copies of the framework are available in the hall on the big bookshelf for you to borrow.

We want to be inclusive and organized all at the same time, so there will also be a sign-up at the Wednesday meeting for people who would like to speak.  In order to hear as many voices as possible we ask that speakers limit themselves to two minutes.  Written comments will be taken as well.

As we all know, at meetings such as this it is easy to get sidetracked and forget our main goal of communicating what is unique and we only have an hour.  To that end, there will be a pre-meeting at Beth Azar’s house in order to establish our talking points. Please rsvp to Beth so she knows how to plan. Her email is

If you cannot attend the meeting there is a survey to full out.  You may download it by clicking here and hard copies will soon be available in the office.

CHILDCARE: If you plan to attend the Jan. 26 meeting and need childcare, you must RSVP to Olive Karlsen at by Monday, January 24. This allows us to have enough babysitters on-hand. We will not be able to accommodate children who have not RSVP’d. Only school age children are able to come to the childcare,  please no kids under Kindergarten age.