The SES PTSA is looking to fill a few key positions. With each of these positions comes much support from the PTSA and, in most cases, the knowledge of previous years’ coordinators at your fingertips.

  • Fundraising chair FILLED!
    This is a great position to get your feet wet in the PTSA, because most of our fundraising events have team leaders, already. Much of the work is already done! If you fancy fundraising, perhaps this is the position for you?
  • Wreath and poinsettia sales FILLED!
    This festive holiday fundraiser is looking for a team leader. This job is varied in its requirements, and in the past we have had one or two coordinators. Grab a buddy and sign up to do some pre-sales, coordinate the orders and get some volunteers to staff the pick-up of the lovely holiday growies.
  • Holiday tree recycling FILLED!
    This one-day fundraising event takes place in early January. Again, we are looking for a team leader (having a truck or a friend with a truck is useful, but not required). Do you enjoy the smell of a pine/fir forest?  This job is for you!
  • Bike coordinator for Safe Routes to School
    This lively event happens in the spring. In the past, we have had a bike fair before school on one of the days toward the end of walk/bike to school month. Typically there have been free minor tune-ups, but what the fair looks like is largely up to you, Future Bike Coordinator. If you like bikes and want to share your love of biking, this job is calling you.
  • Harvest Fair co-coordinator
    Harvest Fair is a fall celebration of all things Sunnyside, and it is right around the corner (October 22). Would you like to help out as co-coordinator? Learn the ropes! We are looking for someone (or a couple of someones) who would be willing to take over Harvest Fair from the current coordinator (Holly Cook) next year. If you like organizing and community, throw your hat in for this one. It’s super fun!

If you are interested in or want to know more about any of these jobs, contact Holly Cook at, or stop her in the hall.