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Today was the first day of school here in Portland. I can feel the excitement even from a middle school boy who is trying hard to be cool and uninterested.
Going back to school with all our great teachers and our great school is a reminder of how lucky we are but also a reminder that there is work to be done to stabilize adequate school funding for our school, all PPS schools and all public schools in Oregon. Our kids deserve it and our state needs to step up to the plate. As everyone settles in to the new school routine, those of us who care about our schools know there is much work to be done and plenty of volunteer advocacy opportunities will be coming throughout this year for local initiatives as well as statewide.

On this first day of school at Portland Public Schools, you may have seen volunteers in front of your school from Our Portland, Our Schools. You may have even received a lawn sign!

It may be only day one for the kids and us parents, but there is already a chance to help our schools. On Election Day, Portlanders will vote on a bond measure that asks us to reinvest $482 million in our public schools. This School Bond is our chance to turn this city’s aging school buildings into the safe, healthy, and inspiring environments that Portland deserves.

For more details on what the bond would do, go to: http://www.ourportlandourschools.com/about-the-bond/.

Just a few ways you can choose to get involved in the bond campaign include:

As a parent at Sunnyside, I know you already do a great deal for our kids! Thanks for all you do! As a long-time parent at SES (parent of 4th & 7th graders), I have joined the PTSA board this year and my job is to provide you with information on how you can help to solidify school funding through various channels, groups and initiatives if that is something you feel passionate about. I will do my best to sift through what’s out there in terms of potential advocacy opportunities and provide you with the information right here on this blog. Visit often or follow. I will also post some of the opportunities in the SES Weekly Messenger.

I look forward to an awesome Year of the Forest at Sunnyside in 2012-2013 with you and your wonderful children!

Sue Lyon-Myrick