Congratulations to all of our outstanding students. If word has not spread through the proverbial grapevine, Sunnyside Environmental School raised nearly $30,000 this year during our two week Read-A-Thon. This is a huge achievement and everyone should be very proud. Congratulations to the top fundraising classrooms: Robin (K-2); Deborah (3-5); Michael (middle school)! We’ll be announcing the top student fundraisers and readers on Friday, March 16 during Morning Meeting for the middle school and during a special assembly for the elementary school.

In addition to the formal thank you that we will extend to all the students Friday morning, a special thank you needs to go out to the parents, friends and family of our students. Your support, both financial and moral, was outstanding! We would also like to thank Matthew Latterell, Beth Azar, Heidi McNamee, Cindi Carrell and the faculty and staff at SES for their continued support throughout the entire fundraiser. Congratulations to all!

Beth Willard-Herr & Eric Herr