If anyone in your family has an epi-pen, please read the following message from Portland Public Schools. Our nurse at SES, Jennifer Makinster, will check the epi-pens that we have at school next Wednesday when she is on campus and will contact you if yours needs to be replaced.

We have been notified of a voluntary nationwide recall of Auvi-Q (epinephrine injection, USP), which is commonly known as “Epi-pen.” As many of you know, the “Epi-pen” is used in emergency life-threatening allergic reactions with students. It is a prescription medication; if your child uses the brand Auvi-Q, contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately for an alternate epinephrine auto-injector.

Multnomah Educational Service District (MESD) nurses will work with school staff to ensure families with students who use the prescription medication are notified of the recall. In the event that a student has an incident requiring the administration of epinephrine, school staff will follow their training protocols, which includes calling 911. If your child uses Auvi-Q brand of an “Epi-pen,” the school will need an immediate replacement.

If your child uses the prescription medication Auvi-Q, please take immediate action and contact your doctor or pharmacist. They can also answer any questions you have about the recall and replacements.

Additional information is also available on the FDA website at http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm469980.htm.