Back-to-school nights are a wonderful way for parents and guardians to learn more about Sunnyside and also meet their child’s teachers. Adults will first convene in the auditorium at the beginning of the evening, hearing important information about the school vision, curriculum, and various ways to support your child’s learning throughout the year. The second portion of the evening will be spent in your child’s classrooms, meeting other parents and guardians from your class community and getting to know your child’s teacher a little bit better. Most teachers provide families with a curricular overview and also insight into the unique aspects of their individual classrooms. The main focus of this night is on the class as a whole (typically your teacher will provide you with their preferred method of setting up individual times to speak about your student if this is something your family needs). The schedules for both evenings are listed below:

Thursday, September 15: Middle School AND Deborah’s 5th grade class Back to School Night

  • 6:00-6:30pm, large group in auditorium
  • 6:30-7:30pm, parents/guardians move into child’s homeroom/core classroom

Thursday, September 22: K-5 Back to School Night

  • 6:00-6:30 pm, large group in auditorium
  • 6:30-7:30 pm, parents/guardians move into child’s homeroom/core classroom

Please note that this is an adults only event. While we understand the difficulty securing childcare poses to some, we ask that you not bring your children for two reasons: 1) We have high attendance at our back-to-school-nights, and there is not enough room in classrooms for both students and parents; and 2) the information presented by teachers is meant for adults, specifically. Students receive much of the information in different ways during class time. We try to offer on-site childcare for most of our evening events; however, due to the sizable crowd at Back to School Nights, we regret that this is simply not a possibility for these two evening events.

If you absolutely cannot attend this event, please contact your child’s teachers directly (email, phone or a note left in the office for delivery) to be sure they have your contact information for important classroom communications. If home, work or other commitments and/or child care are prohibiting you from attending this event, please contact Amy Kleiner at or Alexa Pearson at and we will do our best to work with your family to help you access the information offered during these events in a different/creative way.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you this Thursday and next Thursday!
Amy and Alexa