Together. As a team. Collectively. During the 2017 SES Foundation auction, we raised just under $23,000 for the kids, teachers, greater good. You did it. We did it. I’m continually impressed and humbled by how our community pulls together and rallies to make these things happen.

Thank you for coming to the auction, for your support of the school, and for singing some 80’s karaoke. You rocked every bit of it!

I want to thank all the volunteers for pulling this off with grace and aplomb. Volunteers sorted, packaged, picked-up, delivered, set-up, cleaned-up, donated, served, beautified, sang, drummed, played, checked-in, checked-out, sold, marketed, entertained. Some of them couldn’t even make it to the auction itself. Thank you.

And finally a whale-sized thank you to the most hiney kickin’ Auction Team.  Where would I be without you all? In a dark, sad hole, that’s where.  Public shout out (in no order whatsoever): Charity Fain, Kieran Cannistra, Corby Watkins, Jarrett Altman, Mo Philips, Leonie Alaeddine, Katy Powell, Desirée Hull-Smith, Jenny Combs, Becky O’Leary, Kelly Janes and Gina Binole.

Looking forward to the next thing with you all, wherever it may be, whatever we are doing, it will be great.  Because we will be together.

Thank you all,
Holly Cook, PTSA President