Harvest Fair is SES’s annual celebration of autumn, harvest, and community. Join us for this evolving, beloved tradition, back for the first time since 2019!


Saturday, October 22, 2022
Sunnyside Environmental School (3421 SE Salmon Street)


SES PTSA requests that each family please consider working at least ONE volunteer shift. It takes a lot of elbow grease to make Harvest Fair possible.



4:00 – 4:30 is “Sensory Start”

We’re trying something new this year to better accommodate members of our community who experience neurodivergence, and have in the past had unpleasantly overwhelming experiences at the highly stimulating Harvest Fair! Please help us in respecting this slight change to our program so as many people as possible can have a joyful experience!

  • Indoor lights will be dimmed where possible.
  • Like before, the Library will be a Calm & Quiet Zone. Winnie the therapy dog will be there, a collaborative sticker puzzle, coloring, reading, magnet tiles and lightbox will be available.
  • We will have a Harvest Fair MAP! A big one will be available (take a pic!) at the Ticket Booths, and smaller print outs will be available upon request.
  • The middle school carnival will be asked to use this time as “test time” with their games and collect feedback from those attending sensory start.
  • Music in the auditorium and banjo music outside will begin at 4:30. 
  • The cafeteria will open at 4:30 for the community meal to limit hallway lines. 
4:30 – 7:00 ​ Harvest Fair is Open to All!

​Please, if at all possible, consider respecting the sensory start and partaking for the first 30 minutes of our event in the way that best reflects the needs of your family.

7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Event Clean Up

If you are able to stay and help us put our school back together, it’s much appreciated. Meet in the Cafeteria for a clean up job.


Admission to the event is free, however all the activities require carnival tickets, which you can purchase at school October 19-21, or, during the event. Cash, check, and card accepted.

1 Ticket = $0.50

$1 = 2 tickets
$5 = 10 tickets
$10 = 20 tickets
$20 = 40 tickets
$50 = 100 tickets
$60 = 120 tickets
$100 = 200 tickets

Activity “Costs”
Cookie Palace = 2 tickets
Classroom Games = 1 ticket
MS Carnival Games = 1-4 tickets
Hay Bales = 1 ticket
Pumpkin Guessing = 1 ticket
Seed Exchange = 2 tickets
Cider = 4 tickets
Baked Goodies Boogie = 4 tickets
Hot Dog = 6 tickets
Sausage = 8 tickets
Teacher Plunge = 8 tickets
Community Meal = 12 tickets
Granola (for Go-to Fund) = 20 tickets (cash also accepted)


If your family needs help obtaining tickets, please contact Rebecca or Alison of the SES counseling team, or Steph Barnhart (stephbarnhart1@gmail.com).



1/2 Curriculum Showcase
First and second grade classrooms are open during Harvest Fair and the students will showcase their hard work so far this fall.

3rd Grade Pumpkin Guessing
Correctly guess the weight of the giant gourd and you will get to take it home! Massive Jack-O-Lantern, anyone?

4th Grade Hay Bales of Mystery

Take a look through the hay and find a special prize!

Middle School Carnival 
  • Pumpkin Bowling (Mary Gage)
  • Spooky Salon (Robin)
  • Frightful Fishing (Carrie)
  • Spider Toss Game – (Michael / Cara)
  • Monster Pong – (Sarah C)
  • Jack-HOLE-Lantern – (Becca)
  • Ghostbuster – (Tara)
Teacher Plunge
Take your best aim and attempt to send your favorite SES Teachers into the icy plunge!
Baked Goodies Boogie

Show off your best moves for a chance to land on the winning square and you might go home with a fabulous baked creation!

Magical Cookie Palace

Mmmm….vanilla! Step inside the magical cookie palace and meet Mother Autumn, who will greet you with magic and cookies.


Community Meal

Kaula Pork, Shoyu Chicken, Rice, Salad, Mac & Cheese
Thank you, Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grille!

Fresh Press Apple Cider:

Pressed fresh onsite by SES volunteers, enjoy a tasty apple cider.
Thank you, Oregon Heritage Farms!

Sausage Stand

Hot dogs, sausages, vegan sausages, buns and condiments!
Thank you, Franks-A-Lot!

5th Grade Granola Sales

Support the Go-Fund, making field studies accessible for all students, by purchasing a bag of famous SES 5th grade granola. GF and nut-free options available.


Pie Sales PTSA Fundraiser
Merch Sales Go Fund Fundraiser
Art Room – River Rock Crafts
Calm & Quiet Zone (Library/Maker’s Space)


Thanks to many community partners who have generously donated to our event. 

Whole Foods Market Laurelhurst
Bob’s Red Mill
Oregon Heritage Farms
Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grille


Contact Steph Barnhart (stephbarnhart1@gmail.com).