The following email was sent from PPS to SES families:

“We recently contracted with an independent third party, PBS Engineering and Environmental Inc., to conduct a visual condition assessment of all district school interior and exterior painted and varnished surfaces. The work is being done to compile a comprehensive, accurate and independently verified detail of outstanding paint needs. Once developed, the list should help guide us in determining annual budget and workload needs. It’s important to note that we did not specifically test for lead as part of this process, but rather assumed that since the vast majority of PPS schools were built before 1978, any deteriorated surface noted carries with it the potential for this type hazard. It’s likely that every school in the district will have identified needs and that the resulting list will be extensive and require many years to fully manage. A copy of the visual condition assessment report is located on our website and may be viewed here.

Thank you,
Courtney Wilton
Interim Chief Operating Officer”