CAPOEIRA is back!
Beginners Capoeira is back in the neighborhood! See a video of our Sunnyside Capoeria Group in action on the Sunnyside Environmental School Community Facebook Page.
This is the scoop:
~ classes take place inside one of the spaces at the Sunnyside Methodist Church, right by the school, on the corner of  35th and Yamhill. That allows us to offer classes not only to SES students, but also for other kids in the community.
~ we will have two classes. One monthly program for advanced students that have been doing the Capoeira after school program for a few terms now. That class full. We also have a new monthly class, to fulfill the demand: on Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 pm and cap at 12 students. Classes start on Wednesday 9/5. $90 for the first 2 months and $60/month after that. All grades are welcome and I can let you know the average age of the students as they enroll. Professor Pyata Penedo will be back. Pyata is Brazilian and a Capoeira practitioner for several years now. In Portland, he is under Mestre Dilaho, also Brazilian, from CTE Capoeiragem ( ). Classes fill up really fast, so if you are interested, please let me know at
Don’t know anything about Capoeira? You can find out more here in this article: Disguised In Dance: The Secret History Of Capoeira