By the final performance, all of you will have found a way to help in the many roles needed to put on the show, but we have a few key volunteer roles to line up now.  Please respond to Meagan Flynn ( if you can help with any of these jobs:

Director’s assistant team – This is a low-key volunteer opportunity for people available in the afternoons. Volunteering to be part of this team means that on days when you are attending rehearsal with your child, you will let Jon know that you are available to help as needed during that rehearsal (such as organizing kids on stage or being a script coach).

Snack Coordinators (2-3 people) – We’ve learned over the years that occasional group snacks are a great motivator.  As part of the participant agreement, each family agreed to either bring a snack or send money for snack purchase.  A few people are needed to coordinate this effort.  Occasional availability during rehearsals would be helpful but is not required.

Props team (3-5 people) – This will be a fun group that will work to locate, procure and/or create the show’s props.  No artistic ability is needed.  It’s a good job for those with more free time on evenings or weekends than during the day.

Costume assistants (2-3 people ) Costume help will be mostly a communication effort this year.  Rhonda Baker has once again volunteered to make sure our children are well-dressed.  She’ll need help getting the word out to families about what kids need to wear and making sure all cast members bring in an appropriate costume.  Probably not much help is needed until late March.

Stage manager(s) (1-2 people) – stage managers will watch the later rehearsals enough times that they learn when cast members come and go, where major props and sets get moved during the show and when the curtain needs to be opened or stage lights turned on.  During the dress rehearsals and performances stage managers coordinate the volunteer stage hands.  Most of the time commitment for this job falls in a short window in late April.